About Us

Located in Liberty, MO

Our markers and tools are crafted by hand, and made to order per your request.  

Made in Missouri, yet delivered around the world!

Copper markers can be torched to achieve color, or brushed to a natural finish for a clean, classy look.  Aged finishes add a deep, rich look that just keeps getting better with time.  Blackened copper will quickly wear to reveal the beauty hidden within.

Aluminum markers are only available in a brushed finish.  

Create a personal masterpiece!

Each marker or tool is a work of art that is an extension of your personality.  

Old world copper changes over time and develops a rich, worn look.

Aluminum has a sleek, futuristic look and much lighter weight.

Paint fill can range anywhere from 'basic black' to all the colors of the rainbow!

Any design can also be modified to create a keyring, a bag tag, or a zipper pull if you prefer! 

Let's get started!

We can create batches for tournament gifts, or to be branded for resale.  

For individuals, our items can be a token of a special event, a personalized gift, or just a treat for yourself! 

Collectors know that it's always the perfect time for the next one!

No matter what, we are ready to help! 

Let's get started!